• And they remembered His words

    The women at the tomb remember Jesus' words, how He predicted His death and resurrection. They tell the great good news of His resurrection but nobody believes them.
  • Daily Devotions. Day 10, Can These Bones Live?

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    The book of Ezekiel is probably the strangest book in the Bible. The prophet Ezekiel sees perplexing visions from the Lord. It is a book filled with symbolism and strangeness. In one scene, the Lord shows Ezekiel a valley filled with dry bones then asks the bizarre question, “Can these bones live?” Ezekiel’s answer is spot on, “O Lord God, you know.”

    God reveals to Ezekiel that these bones are the people of Israel and indeed these bones will live because God will raise them from the dead.

    Truly, our God is a God of resurrection and restoration. No matter how many times God’s people wandered away, He restored them. No matter how badly God’s people disobeyed Him, He always preserved a remnant of people.

    You may be looking at the weeks and months ahead and seeing only decline and decay, wondering if things will ever get better. But God’s view is much longer. And God always restores and raises His people. He will do so in ultimate fashion when Jesus returns, raises the dead, and we will be forever with the Lord.

    God’s blessings on your day. Keep the faith.

    Pastor Andy

  • Have You Believed Because You Have Seen Me?

    Jesus asks Thomas this question, "Have you believed because you have seen me?" We often think the answer is yes...but what if the answer is no?
  • Sounds of Lent, Part 3: Sobbing Tears

    Jesus' weeps at the death of Lazarus. His tears show us that He is human, that crying is not a sin, and that crying is the proper response to death.
  • The Final Enemy

    Paul writes that the final enemy to be destroyed is death. This means two things. First, death is always an enemy. Second, death will be destroyed by Christ's resurrection and return.
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