Messages from First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Concord, CA

Sermons and messages from First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Concord, CA.
  1. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, the disciples are feeling lost without Him, so they go back to the Sea of Galilee and go fishing again. But Jesus still has bigger plans for them in His kingdom, so once again he re-establishes His covenant with them. In his final sermon as our pastor, Pastor Jedidiah Maschke preaches on John 21:1-19 to remind us of God’s call on our lives and the forgiveness that Jesus offers to free our future.
  2. In the hours and days following the resurrection, the disciples were caught up in fear and anxiety. What would they do now that they were no longer with Jesus? In this sermon based on John 20:19-23, Rev. John-Paul Meyer shows us that when Jesus appeared to them, he gave them not only peace, but a purpose, and that gift is for us, too.
  3. When the women at the tomb find that Jesus is not there, the angel only tells them to do one thing: “remember.” Why is that so important? And what kind of remembering is this? In this sermon from Easter Sunday, Pastor Jedidiah Maschke talks about how powerful remembering is, so that in the midst of an overwhelming season like Easter we can remember our Heavenly Father’s overwhelming love.
  4. When we remember the story of Jesus’ crucifixion, we make a journey from the complexity of our lives to a simple place where Jesus’ love is made known to us. In this sermon from Pastor Jedidiah Maschke for Good Friday, we explore how Golgotha looks like a place of suffering, but Jesus has transformed it into the way of salvation.
  5. Our sins leave behind scars, and we’re often ashamed of what we’ve done that led to these scars. We think, “If only you knew…” Jesus knows all about our scars, but He doesn’t react in the way you might think. In this sermon from our combined Holy Thursday Divine Service with Faith Lutheran Church in Pleasant HIll, Pastor Pete Woodward shares with us how Jesus’ scars change the way we can see ourselves, and what they tell us about our heavenly Father’s perfect love for us.
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